25 Reasons Being Alone Makes You Powerful

By Tiffany J Norwood | Best Relationship Advice

25 Reasons Being Alone Makes You Powerful

By Tiffany J Norwood | Best Relationship Advice

Oct 19

Do you fear being alone? Are you tired of feeling alone? Is the fear of being alone a reason you are staying in a relationship that is no longer working out? If so, you are not alone. Being by yourself (I do not like to say alone because, with GOD, you are never alone.) is a fact of life, and I am here to help you see why it is a good thing. I remember the first time I felt alone; it was my junior year in high school when my best friend left me to hang out with the “bad” crowd. I felt alone that one Christmas when my sister and brother planned a gift exchange and did not include me; while I sat opening gifts, I bought myself, for myself—then looking back when I withdrew in my marriage when I found that I needed to focus on…me.   

What comes to your mind when you notice someone who is sitting alone in a restaurant? How do you feel about taking yourself out on a date, better yet a vacation? Do you cringe at the thought? Do not get me wrong; if you have authentic, loving, trustworthy, and respectful people in your life, then being alone should not be an issue. However, all of us are not as lucky. And I am neither saying that you need to cut anyone out of your life to feel this way. I am saying that it would be beneficial to you if you were to learn “how” to be by yourself, get comfortable with it, and be okay with it. With my being experienced and having found the benefits, allow me to share 25 epic reasons why being alone makes you powerful.

  • You will have time and space to get to know yourself better.
  • You will gain confidence in yourself.
  • You will have time and space to understand yourself better.
  • You will start to feel secure within yourself.
  • You will have time and space to figure out what you want and do not want in your life.
  • You will find it easier to let go of unhealthy relationships.
  • You will grow stronger and eliminate the need to be dependent.
  • You notice self-love and start caring for yourself.
In most cases, if not all, jumping from one relationship to the next without healing is not a good idea. Ending a relationship is hard emotionally. Time is needed to heal from any damage created through this relationship, plus any internal hardship created before this relationship. Your goal is to move on new and fresh to bring emotional health, positivity, and happiness to your next relationship.
  • You will notice your self-worth.
  • You will find it easy to repel those who are not worthy of your time, energy, and emotions.
  • You will grow stronger in cutting out unnecessary distractions in your life.
  • You will have time and space to forgive yourself and others.
  • You will find less you would have to forgive yourself for because you are now careful with your present and future choices.
  • You will start to notice your own past mistakes and become more mindful not to make the same mistakes.
  • You will have time and space to set goals and achieve what you want in life.
  • You will have time and space to think before you respond.
A mistake I made that I do not recommend is putting your partner or others before you. This does not mean that you are selfish. It means that self-love, self-care, and your well-being precedes that of the other person. They have the responsibility to do this for themselves. Once you care for yourself first, you will better care for others and will not neglect your needs in the process.
  • You will find that it feels good to have no one around to irritate you.
  • You will not feel the need to settle for an unhealthy relationship.
  • You will become intolerable of other peoples’ disrespect.
  • You will become more in tune with your intuition.
  • You will find it beneficial and have the space to practice mindfulness, so you will get better at it when others are around.
  • You will start to feel whole and complete within.  
  • You will find that you have everything you need within and understand that no one can take anything from you.
  • You will find joy, peace, and self-acceptance.
  • The GOD in you will be revealed.
Knowing that you cannot control another person and situation is powerful. It is also powerful knowing that you have self-awareness and self-control. You are able to do this by being able to focus more on yourself, than on someone else. As I love to say, the best way to gain control is by giving up control.

Now how does that sound? Do you feel the newness already?  Can you see how powerful being by yourself will make you? If you have been by yourself and struggle with any of the above, let’s talk. We are here to support and empower you on your journey to your best relationships, especially the one with yourself. We would love to hear from you. May you let us know what you think in the comments? Would you like to discuss with us if Your Emotions Matter is a good fit for you? Feel free to contact us by clicking here to have a complimentary one-on-one, 30-minute session with Tiffany. We encourage you to Reach Out, Speak Up, & Create Change. Why? Because…You Matter.  

About the Author

Hello single gentlemen, I am Tiffany J. Norwood, CNLP, CEQP. I encourage the phrase "healthy relationships" to become a part of your heart and mind. I am the founder and CEO of Your Emotions Matter, a certified Six Seconds Emotional Intelligence practitioner, a certified NLP practitioner, a transformational speaker, and an author. (NLP is the study and understanding of how human beings communicate and perceive communication from others). I am the mother of three beautiful young women, and my passion is helping you create power through understanding your emotions. I am from southern California, and in my spare time, I enjoy the shooting range, travel, and any adventurous activity.

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Queen October 22, 2020

Thanks this was so helpful.it is better to be alone than to be with the wrong person that saps you of positive energy.

    Tiffany J Norwood October 24, 2020

    You are welcome, Queen. Peace of mind is priceless, and you deserve someone that brings you more peace. Thank you for sharing what is on your heart.

pożyczka online January 1, 2021

I got what you intend,bookmarked, very decent website.

    Tiffany J Norwood January 3, 2021

    I am glad to know this was helpful. And thank you!

chwilówka online January 3, 2021

I reckon something truly special in this website.

    Tiffany J Norwood January 3, 2021

    Thank you! We appreciate you reaching out and speaking up!

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