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What is “Your Emotions Matter?”

“Your Emotions Matter” is an anonymous personal development online advice column for single men, who are athletes, and those who are in a pre-marital relationship. This is created for everyone to view each question and answer. Your anonymous questions will be posted in the private membership arena only and to be anonymously answered in the private membership space only, where all other paid members can view. The space is designed so you may benefit not only for yourself but also benefit from others. An answer to another person’s questions my assist another member without them having the same exact struggle. You will be able to keep track of content that matters personally to you. Your voice and emotions matter, and you will be listened to, understood, and shown the utmost respect. This is a learning and healing environment, giving you advice and the tools to assist you in your journey.


What is the purpose of “Your Emotions Matter?”

The purpose of “Your Emotions Matter” is to break the silence and cycle of unhealthy relationships. We provide a safe space, a haven, where all members feel safe to express their frustrations, emotions, and concerns. This private online advice column is not intended to answer any questions that are not related to personal relationships. These concerns are welcome to be related to your family, co-workers, intimate partners, and may even come from within. The outcome is geared to you finding a safe space, a haven in your own personal life, a platform where your concerns are handled effectively and appropriately to bring you joy, freedom, peace, and power.


Who is “Your Emotions Matter” for?

“Your Emotions Matter” is for single men who are athletes, and for those who are in a pre-marital relationship who have recognized their relationship struggles, whether within and/or with others.  It is for you who are seeking and willing to take action to produce a darn near-immediate resolution to those relational concerns, which includes your lady, your emotions, your mindset, communication and personal development.


Who is “Your Emotions Matter” not for?

“Your Emotions Matter” is not for those who are not willing to do self-work.  It is not for those who have questions related to anything other than relationship concerns (see relationship concerns in #3). "Your Emotions Matter" is not for single women or married couples.  


How would I ask a question?  

Once the membership is purchased, you will receive two (2) receipts from Paypal. You will receive your Thank You email from Your Emotions Matter. Please read it in its entirety for assistance on how to get started. Several minutes later, you will receive your Welcome email. Please review that in full to learn how to navigate your private online advice column. Again, please follow both emails from "Your Emotions Matter" very carefully. This will help us answer your questions with as much clarity as possible. (If you choose not to read or have any questions, contact me and we can set up a quick zoom meeting to show you how to navigate inside the arena.)  Once you are logged in, double click on profile at the top, then click "submit question." In your question, please explain your situation specifically to receive the most useful answers. Your personal profile will be considered because we asked you to fill out that form. If we feel that your question is not specific enough, we will reply with a few questions.


How many questions am I allowed to send?

Initially, you will be allowed to send two (2) questions per week with a total of eight (8) per month. One question at a time will make it easier for us to respond on time and for you to take time to self-reflect.


Is there a limit on how long my questions should be when I write them?

Yes, please try to keep your questions to approximately 400 words give or take. 


How soon will my question be answered once I send it?

Questions will be answered depending on the timing of when you send them, as posts will be updated three (3) times per week every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.


What do you mean by this is a private arena?

"Your Emotions Matter" is designed for the privacy & friendly use of each individual member only. Each question will be posted anonymously. No one will see your picture nor know your name. A friendly reminder, these questions will be posted for your viewing, along with the viewing of all other members only.


Is there anything else that is offered within the paid membership? 

Yes.  Within the “Your Emotions Matter” membership, a member will have access to a weekly group coaching session, and surprise perks (please fill out your personal profile in its entirety).  Look forward to offers from affiliate partners that will be beneficial to a member in other areas of their lives regarding mind, body, and spirit…to ensure that you are not only happy emotionally, but mentally, spiritually and physically!  


Will I be able to reply to my answers?

No.  Due to the purpose of this private online advice column, there is no space for commenting.  We encourage all members to focus on solutions only.  Should you feel you want to ask a question relating to another question, please feel free.  This would allow you to interact with other Q & A posts.  On a side note: Please be advised that occasionally there will be a surprise post that will break up the monotony of the questions and answer posts, yes there is room for some fun!  


Who will be answering my questions? 

Your questions will be answered by the Founder and CEO of “Your Emotions Matter” and by other experts, coaches, therapists, mental health professionals, and affiliate partners favorable to specific questions. Please be advised that this private space is not intended to replace full-blown therapy, coaching, or counseling. However, you may think of the answers as bite-size chunks of therapy, coaching, or counseling. “Your Emotions Matter” is here to help. No matter how deep your relationship struggle is, we will make sure we find an answer even if it may take longer to post. (Please see more of description regarding solutions under the advice section of the terms and conditions.)


Will my questions be posted on social media? 

No...absolutely not!   All questions, answers, and all posts presented in the private online advice column are exclusive to members only.  Nothing there will ever be duplicated on social media.  Ever.


 How can I cancel my membership?

Please submit your request to cancel through our contact form and mark it "cancel" or send us an email at with "cancel" in the subject line. You will automatically be canceled, and starting with the next month and ongoing, you will not be charged. We ask that you state your reason for cancellation, whether it is a testimony or constructive feedback. We want to learn about your experience with us!


How can I receive a refund? 

There are no refunds, as your initial payment(s) will keep you locked in for the whole month.  Please see the above regarding membership cancellation.     


What if I need additional assistance beyond the YEM online advice column?

We here at "Your Emotions Matter" take your concerns very seriously. Yes, additional assistance beyond the advice platform is available. Please click here and put "One on One" in the note section, and you will have a complimentary 30-minute session scheduled to see if additional assistance with YEM is right for you. Please note that there will be an additional charge for one on one sessions, beyond the initial 30-minute session. 

The “Your Emotions Matter” haven, an exclusive community, provides the answers you are looking for with 100% privacy, understanding, respect, and exciting surprises along the way!
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