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Who is Tiffany?

Tiffany J. Norwood, CNLP, CEQP, is the founder and CEO of Your Emotions Matter, International/Transformational Speaker, author, a certified NLP practitioner (Neuro-linguistic Programming, the study of how human beings communicate and perceive communication), and a certified Six Seconds Emotional Intelligence practitioner. Six Seconds is the largest global organization supporting emotional intelligence growth (EQ) by researching and disseminating practical tools and methods.  EQ is a learnable, measurable skillset for being smarter with your feelings.   Tiffany has been featured on ABC, CBS, HBO, Toyota, and Investigation Discovery. As a certified NLP practitioner, she addresses communication issues, limiting beliefs, & habits that do not serve the single gentleman athlete, and those in pre-marital relationships. She is also a Raise Ambassador for the Raise Foundation in Orange County, CA that educates on child abuse and neglect, focusing on keeping children healthy, safe, and happy.

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Tiffany's Story

One day many years before Tiffany became an emotional intelligence expert, she was glad to be home from work after grocery shopping and picking up her youngest daughter. While standing in the kitchen making dinner, a sudden thought came into her mind: What am I doing here on this earth?  Is this it?” The mundane tasks of work and home life. A marriage with unhealthy emotions.  A few years later, she was laid off from her position at work.  Her manager asked her would she like to pursue another position within the company; Tiffany told her no. Instead, she made the choice to take time off from full-time work to pursue an entrepreneurial endeavor.  She made the choice to spread her wings as a freelance fashion designer.    


Tiffany enjoyed a successful career in design, founding her own custom clothing business called Diquini.  She also made a splash in Hollywood as a model and actress.  Tiffany appeared in national ads for Toyota, Office Max, Covered California, and Marlboro, as well as social media ads for Iyanla Vanzant, Sandi Krakowski, and Michael Baisden- to name a few.  She was featured on popular shows like NCIS, CSI, Dexter, True Blood & Unusual Suspects.  Despite her multi-faceted success, Tiffany found herself feeling frustrated, discouraged, and alone.  She felt stuck in her toxic marriage.  Meanwhile, her years of struggle included an unsuccessful attempt in marital counseling, which provided no actionable relationship advice.  Having nowhere else to turn, she turned within.  Feeling unfulfilled in her career and marriage, she felt stagnated and misunderstood.

What Did Tiffany Do?

First, she took the focus off her troubles and switched it onto herself.  Secondly, she dug into personal development books and followed positivity on social media.  This helped spark her discovery and understanding of emotional intelligence.  Tiffany felt that "lack of emotional intelligence" was the primary trouble of her marriage.  She understands better than ever that your emotions matter, and for over seven years she researched and became educated on every aspect of this concept and its implications.   This led to further education on related and essential topics regarding the mind and body.  She now understood that she only had enough control to improve herself.  

Unfortunately, this knowledge and her growth alone could not save her marriage.  

Meanwhile the abusive nature continued, which led to the already broken home being literally split in two. How did she build up the strength to leave? Going back to the story's first question, she sought and discovered why she is “here on this earth.”  She found meaning, fulfillment, and purpose in life. She pursued a speaking career and shared the hidden messages of emotional intelligence.  During her transition, Tiffany joined Toastmasters International to improve her speaking and leadership skills. Within that illustrious organization she went on to serve as Area contest Judge, District contest Judge and Toastmaster, Vice President of Membership, and Area Director.

How Tiffany Feels Now

During her solo personal development journey, Tiffany feels more aware, more powerful and more strengthened.  Her confidence, gratitude, and joy is through the roof.  She is in awe of life.  She is consciously creating the path that she wants for herself, while attracting fruitful relationships by becoming an example of who she desires to have in her life.  Because inner peace is priceless!  

Why Tiffany Created Your Emotions Matter

Tiffany: “I was sick and tired of suffering in silence and going through unnecessary pain.  I want to make sure that others do not have to go through what I went through. We are all put here on earth to live in bliss, and we must recognize our power to do so.”

In The Limelight Magazine

Tiffany is a former contributing writer for In the Limelight Magazine, whose President is award-winning actress and international personality Clarissa Burt. Clarissa is also a writer, author, public speaker, and supermodel.  Tiffany was honored to be apart of Limelight Magazine's Beauty/Lifestyle/Wellness Media Brand. 

Tiffany's Articles

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In the Limelight Magazine Cover
In the Limelight Magazine Cover
In the Limelight Magazine Cover
In the Limelight Magazine Cover

The YEM Mission

Your Emotions Matter online advice arena is a strong, safe, anonymous, and confidential community geared to unsilenced the silence, encouraging vulnerability and transparency of single men and those in pre-marital relationships seeking to create dynamic relationships with others and within themselves. Our accountability partners serve strategic solutions to all questions and concerns while spreading awareness and education around emotional intelligence and promoting and providing resources for personal growth and effortless communication.

Coming 2021

Tiffany is excited to share her upcoming book, “Our Minds Game.”

Winning at life depends on How. We. Play.

Check back for details!

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